Welcome Readers!

We have all sensed a certain energy from places in our lifetime. It is a vibe or a feeling we get sometimes when merely passing through a specific locale, but especially from places in which we’ve lived. Often welcoming, occasionally unsettling, we are nonetheless left with a definite impression. It comes partly from the landscape, both natural and built, but mostly it comes from its people. As place affects us, so we affect place. 

I write about this two way relationship we all have with our surroundings. Whether we are aware of it or not, there is a reciprocity taking place between us and the spaces we occupy, growing deeper the longer we are there. Our energy lingers in the ether, imprinting place forever and imparting its greater spirit within us. Our sense of place comes from this exchange, sometimes creating an indelible bond.

Follow me on my journey as I explore through writing, the human experience of spirit of place, place attachment and its impact on our identity.