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My new memoir, A SPIRIT OF PLACE, shares the story of the spiritual legacy of Willis Farm in Sudbury, Massachusetts. For more than 300 years, its timbers, soil and air have been imbued with the lives of those who lived deeply there, including those of my own family. Vestiges of the past remain in words once spoken, foods simmered on hearth and stove, and the music played and danced to. It also lingers in the heartache and love that its inhabitants once shared.

I connected to the farm early in life. Born only a month after my parents purchased it, I still reside on its soil. But over the years, I have had to come to terms with the gradual loss of family, tribe and small town culture that once gave me peace and identity. Will my connection to the farm be enough to keep me here, or will I abandon its legacy forever?

A SPIRIT OF PLACE has yet to be released, pending representation for publication.


As I grew older, I would wonder if this insatiable curiosity I had for the farm’s creators was implanted by some unseen force or entity. Why, even as a very young child did I endlessly question my parents about the first people to call it home? Why would I be so unsatisfied when they had few answers?… Most always, whenever I clambered up the attic stairs, the north wind would whisper the reason for my powerful longing as it whooshed through the ancient spruce. “You will know”, the wind would murmur to me. “You were born to search and discover and someday speak our names again.”

Willis House built 1704

Throughout the years, the old barn remained firmly planted in its repose; majestic, empty and yet full, brimming to its peak with foggy remainders half in this world still, half elsewhere. Never ending dust bits circulated up through the air and once reaching the regal summit of the cupola, twinkled in the light, falling, floating and searching only to reach the floor where they had started, then recirculate and begin it all once more. I breathed in the years, the wonderful dust suspended, travelling eternally in the cool air.

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  1. I finally got around to checking this out. Like your sense of mysticism that threads through your writing. It’s a quality that gives a place a life of it’s own that we, as inhabitants, can bond with and share. You do this well, and it breathes life into your writing!

  2. Hi Lynn just came across this and love it. When I first began living in this house I felt the presence of my predecessor Martha Bent Cutting, aka Mattie. Her niece Carole can.remember her .
    Craving more when you have it!

    1. Thank you so much, Becky! I truly appreciate it – full manuscript completed, looking for agent representation at this time. Preparing blog to be launched hopefully soon. Locking into the energy of any place becomes easier and easier the more you do it – sounds like you’re a pro! We have lots to chat about. Thanks again!

  3. Lynn You have such a special gift for writing and the pictures are wonderful! I didn’t realize that your original home was so old and still to this day has that lovely charm! I will look forward to reading your future memoirs

  4. OMG! Lynn! i didn’t know you were a writer and a writing coach! your book sounds fascinating! i can’t wait to read it!

  5. I have always felt tapped in to the energies in old places. I was instantly caught up in your words. The dust!! Loved it Lynn. 💜

  6. Eagerly anticipating your book, Lynn! My father, Bill Laberee (1912-2005) grew up in Sudbury and I’ve always identified with the town. I loved listening to his memories while gowing up. My paternal grandparents, grand-aunt, and great-grandfather are buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery and I try to get down to Sudbury at least once a year, to tend the grave and play tourist. ATB, Jane Laberee

    1. Oh my! Thank you so much for your kind support, Jane! How wonderful for your family to have such deep roots here! My parents are from Massachusetts, but not Sudbury. I still have a strong sense of place here – it truly grows on you.

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