Place Reflections

Shared Memories, Shared Roots

She’s the last of the neighborhood moms. Her house sits across the street from ours, perched on a hill once owned by her dad, a successful pig farmer. I’ve known Shirley almost all my life – her oldest daughter and I became playmates when we were six. I began visiting Shirley regularly a few years…

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Feet to Ground:  A Way of Connecting

I have always loved to walk. As a young child I felt as though I could walk forever, fueled by experiencing places up close, not detached from the world inside a car. The ambulant bug never left me and as an adult, I walked and ran for years. My outings became quite addicting, each time…

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Blood in the Soil

We arrived just after sunset in what seemed to be typical Smalltown, USA. Shamefully, I had no solid knowledge about the history of Gettysburg before our visit. I knew, of course, that an important battle had been fought there during the Civil War and Lincoln had given his famous speech somewhere in a cemetery close…

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